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Asbestos Bin Hire

All Asbestos Waste is Tracked to an EPA Licenced Landfill

Central Waste Station is able to provide hook lift bins for disposal of asbestos waste.

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Asbestos Waste

Asbestos waste is often generated as a result of demolition or renovation works. There are strict regulations that control the transport and disposal of asbestos waste in NSW. Regulations govern factors such as the wrapping (containment of the material), the need to wet down some material and the landfills that are authorised to receive the material. Asbestos waste may be in the form of demolition waste or it may be in the form of soil that is contaminated with asbestos.

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Bins for Asbestos

Central Waste Station is able to provide hook lift bins for the disposal of asbestos waste. In order to place asbestos waste in one of our bins for disposal, you must arrange the service with us at least 2 business days prior, so that we can book the consignment in for disposal at a landfill. We will also provide you with all the required information about preparing the material, such as wrapping.

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Depending on the nature of the material, we may require more information such as a Waste Classification Report in the case of asbestos-contaminated soil.


Asbestos waste is always transported directly from the collection address to a landfill that is licenced to receive asbestos waste and the movement is tracked using the EPA's WasteLocate System. You can be assured of peace of mind that your waste has been disposed of safely and by the book.

Skip Sizes

Asbestos, or material that may contain asbestos, must never be placed into a skip bin that has not been specifically organised for the purpose of disposing of asbestos.

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